Cute Tropical Mini Pouch


Differentiate yourself with the Fruits Mix Cutie Mini Pouch and show off your documents and your basics with style and Peruvian floral nature and your favorite fruits!

  • Authentic design, co-designed with artisans from the rural community of Vinchos, Ayacucho.
  • Embroidered in filled stitch by Anita and Aide, in 100% Peruvian pima cotton fibers, in gold and cream loom.
  • Each pouch has a unique pattern—as unique as the woman who embroidered it!
  • Measurement: 5.90″ L
    Care guidelines:
    Take care of your coin pouch with love and special care, for being a handmade accessories.
    Dry handmade with shampoo

    Handwooven by  Aide, meet the artisan team here

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